About Us | Cassidy

Cassidy is a brand born out of unique ideas, created by our store manager and his beloved cat owner. The brand is inspired by a deep love for cat owners, which we transform into innovative design motivation.

We are not only store operators, but also act as image consultants for cat owners. We incorporated the unique butterfly pattern on the cat owner's back into our main jewelry design. Each piece of jewelry absorbs the characteristics of cat owners and reflects our passion and heart.

Our flagship product is our handcrafted bracelets, each cleverly incorporating crystals, unique and sophisticated. These bracelets not only showcase the charm of the butterfly markings on the cat owner’s back, but also reflect our pursuit of aesthetics and attention to detail.

More importantly, Cassidy is more than a brand, it's our way of expressing our love for cats. We hope that all cat lovers and guests who are interested in crystals will find resonance in our brand and fall in love with our cat owners.

We sincerely invite you to join us, share our love for animals, and experience Cassidy's unique style .