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Red hair crystal is rutile with a network structure, which is like fine and softly wound hair. The red-haired crystal of metacupite is also called red-copper hair, which is the best among red-haired crystals.

Copper hair crystal is the most wealth-attracting crystal. It mainly attracts wealth and partial wealth. It is a symbol of power and wealth. It is beneficial to career and attracts wealth. Red copper hair crystal can also strengthen women's enthusiasm, exude a warm feminine temperament, and reveal gentleness. Showing self-confidence and positive mobility, it is one of the favorite jewelry crystals for ladies with status.
The effects and functions of red copper hair :
 Improve leadership and wealth : It can strengthen one's positive and partial financial luck, especially suitable for business managers or entrepreneurs, and can improve decision-making, self-confidence and leadership abilities.
 Resist negative energy : It has strong ability to absorb negative energy and protect it, which can help harmonize blood color and reduce physiological diseases.
 Enhance women's health : It can adjust female hormones and help treat women's diseases, while also improving the luster of the skin.
 Strengthen personal beliefs : It can replenish the magnetic field and strengthen personal beliefs, especially suitable for those who lack vitality.


Red copper hair is the same as ordinary spar, and may cause damage to hot water or overheated environments. Therefore, you need to take it off when taking a shower, mainly to avoid contact with hot water.
Try to avoid exposing your red copper hair to the sun for long periods of time, as prolonged exposure may lighten the color of the crystals.
In addition, if you often wear copper hair during the day, you should take it off at night to give the crystals enough time to rest.

Purification method

Like other crystals, it can also be purified with White Crystal Cluster or Shining Diamond .

Note : We do not recommend using salt water or gravel for decontamination.

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