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Snowflake Ghost Crystal (Phantom): a professional choice to enhance wealth and career luck, stimulate potential, and resist negative energy.

Snowflake Ghost Crystal, also known as "Phantom", is regarded as a gemstone that can greatly improve one's career and financial luck. This unique crystal not only helps create favorable opportunities and establish valuable connections, but also attracts the help of so-called "noble people", promotes career development, wins the recognition of others, and increases the possibility of promotion.

The specific functions of Snowflake Ghost Crystal are as follows:

  • Improvement of wealth and career luck : This crystal can greatly improve an individual's career and wealth luck, especially having a positive impact on business decision-making and financial management.
  • Create good connections and opportunities : It can bring good opportunities and precious friendships, and attract the help of "noble people" who are beneficial to your career development.
  • Wisdom and Clarity of Thought : Snowflake Ghost Crystal has the power to enhance intelligence and clarity of thinking, helping to solve complex problems and challenges.
  • Stimulate potential and inspiration : This crystal helps develop personal potential and inspiration for innovation. It is a very practical tool for those who pursue innovation and breakthroughs.
  • Enhance self-confidence and decision-making power : It can enhance personal self-confidence and decision-making power, making you more confident and decisive when facing important decisions.
  • Defense against negative energy : This crystal has powerful apotropaic and protective effects, protecting the holder from negative energy.
  • Powerful protection : It is said that Snowflake Ghost Crystal has a strong protective effect, especially in terms of emotions, and can prevent third party interference.

Snowflake Ghost Crystal gets its name from its unique internal structure, where the white snowflake-like structures look like ghosts trapped inside the crystal. This crystal is full of mysterious and powerful energy. Whether you want to improve your wealth or enhance your self-protection, you may consider choosing Snowflake Ghost Crystal.


Snowflake ghosts are the same as ordinary crystals and may cause damage to hot water or overheated environments. Therefore, you need to take it off when taking a shower, mainly to avoid contact with hot water.
Try to avoid exposing your Snowflake Ghost to sunlight for long periods of time, as prolonged exposure may lighten the color of the crystal.
In addition, if you often wear Strawberry Quartz during the day, you should take it off at night to give the crystal enough rest.

Purification method

Like other crystals, it can also be purified with White Crystal Cluster or Shining Diamond .

Note : We do not recommend using salt water or gravel for decontamination.

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