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[Fluorite]: A calcium-fluoride mineral with a colorful spectrum, it dispels negative energy and purifies the body and mind.

Fluorite, the name may make you think of a luminous stone, but this idea is not far from the truth. Fluorite is mainly composed of fluorine and calcium (CaF2) and is an important mineral for extracting fluorine. Transparent fluorite can be used to make special optical lenses, and its variety of colors makes it ideal for decoration. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet or cathode rays, fluorite emits dazzling blue-green fluorescence, hence its name. If fluorite contains rare earth elements, it emits phosphorescence.

The magical properties of colorful fluorite

Colorless fluorite has the ability to repair the aura, making people refreshed and thinking clearly. Blue Fluorite has a calming effect and stimulates creativity, especially for those who need to contemplate and innovate. Yellow fluorite can improve interpersonal relationships and enhance group cooperation efficiency. Purple fluorite can help eliminate toxins from the body and enhance immunity. Green fluorite has the power to stabilize emotions, absorb negative auras, and make people perform better.

Nemesis Negative Energy

Fluorite removes accumulated negative energy from the body and provides a protective force that prevents negative energy from interfering with thoughts. Wearing fluorite can stabilize your thoughts, improve your concentration, and make you more efficient when working or studying. If you're prone to anxiety or tension, fluorite can also help calm your mood.

Purify the magnetic field

Fluorite gently and steadily eliminates negative magnetic fields around you, purifying your surroundings.

How to wear fluorite?

It is recommended to wear fluorite on the left hand so that the energy can enter the body smoothly.

How to care for fluorite?

Avoid collisions: Because fluorite is soft and has low hardness, avoid collisions with hard objects, especially when worn with gemstones with higher hardness.
Proper storage: Fluorite should be stored in a cool place away from high temperatures and strong light, especially fluorite containing rich liquid inclusions or cracks, as sudden temperature changes can easily cause cracks.
Avoid contact with sweat and chemicals: Long-term exposure to sweat will damage the structure of fluorite. At the same time, contact with acid and alkali chemicals should be avoided.

Fluorite of various colors has its own unique effects:

Colorless fluorite : It can repair the aura, make people refreshed, and make vague thoughts clear.
Blue Fluorite : It has the ability to calm down and stimulate creativity, especially suitable for people who need quiet thinking.
Yellow fluorite : It can improve interpersonal relationships, promote spiritual communication, and enhance the efficiency of group cooperation.
Purple Fluorite : Can eliminate toxins from the body and enhance immunity.
Green Fluorite : Can stabilize emotions, absorb negative energy, and make people perform better.

Fluorite can eliminate negative energy and prevent negative energy from interfering with thoughts. Wearing fluorite can stabilize your thoughts, improve your work or study efficiency, and enhance your concentration. If you are prone to anxiety and tension, wearing fluorite can also make your mood more stable.
In addition, fluorite can stabilize and purify the surrounding magnetic field, remove bad magnetic fields, and bring you a clean environment.
The way to wear fluorite is to wear it on your left hand to allow the energy to enter the body smoothly.

Purification method

You can use White Crystal Cluster or Shining Diamond to purify.
It is recommended to place it near the Shining Diamond or White Crystal Cluster before going to bed every night for optimal purification.

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