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[Treasure of Opportunity] Revealing the mineral composition and magical effects of Green Ghost Crystal

Green Ghost Crystal is known as one of the most famous career crystals. However, how much do you know about its magical properties and mineral composition? How to understand the concept of "Corucopia Green Ghost"? Can Green Ghost Really Keep Your Business Busy? Is there any way that the Green Ghost can help you more effectively? Are you suitable to wear the Green Ghost? Let us unravel the mystery of these questions together.

composition structure

Ghost crystals contain minerals formed from volcanic ash, and those whose inclusions are green are called green ghosts. Similarly, the color changes of volcanic mud can also form different types such as red ghosts, white ghosts, yellow ghosts, purple ghosts, and black ghosts, each with unique effects.

Green Ghosts and Attracting Business Opportunities

The green ghost has a strong appeal and can attract a large number of job opportunities and enhance career fortune. It can make you prosperous in your career and rise all the way up. For those who are working, wearing the Green Ghost will help their career progress; for those who have just changed jobs or are looking for a job, the Green Ghost is also an excellent choice.

Which Green Ghost should you choose?

Many people think that when choosing a Green Ghost, the greener the better. However, from a crystal efficacy perspective, this notion is not entirely correct.
If your workload is not directly related to your salary, and your salary remains unchanged even if your workload increases significantly, then choosing an overly green green ghost may not be suitable for you. In this case, if you are lucky enough to get help from noble people in your work, then choosing the red and green ghost may be more suitable for you. Because the red ghost can improve your harmonious relationship with your colleagues, increase others' trust in you, gain support from noble people, and increase your boss's attention to you, thereby increasing your chances of promotion.
For job seekers, choosing Red and Green Ghost is also a good choice. In daily life, you can wear the crystal on your left hand to absorb the energy of the crystal. On the day of the interview, you can wear the crystal on your right hand, and the effect will be more significant.
Green Ghost Due to its property of attracting job opportunities, wearing the Green Ghost may cause your workload to increase significantly. Therefore, in industries with more work and more rewards, such as tutors, self-employed people, sales with performance bonus systems, etc., it may be more beneficial to choose the green ghost which is much greener.

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