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Tridacna, a luminous shellfish, is a kind of shell with unique luster. This species includes varieties such as white clams (white clams), golden clams and golden clams (golden clams). Among them, white clams are the most common, while golden clams are rare because the source of clams has been cut off. It is worth mentioning that Tridacna is listed as one of the so-called Seven Treasures in Buddhism and is believed to have a strong magnetic field.

Tridacna’s benefits and properties include:

  • Calming and calming effect : Tridacna has a calming effect.
  • Anti-aging and enhancing immunity : It can prevent aging, increase immunity and help maintain health.
  • Stabilize heart rhythm and blood pressure : Tridacna can stabilize heart rhythm and blood pressure and improve insomnia.
  • Eliminate disasters, ward off evil spirits, and ward off evil spirits : It has the functions of eliminating disasters, warding off evil spirits, suppressing evil spirits, and ensuring happiness and peace.
  • Gather wealth : It can attract wealth, help career development, and make money abundant.
  • Strengthen the magnetic field : Tridacna can strengthen the magnetic field, which is suitable for Buddhist spiritual practice and is regarded as an auspicious thing.
  • Increase wisdom and protect people : Wearing Tridacna for a long time to chant Buddha's name can eliminate karma, increase wisdom, and bring good luck and success.


Tridacna, like ordinary crystals, may be harmed by hot water or an overheated environment. Therefore, you need to take it off when taking a shower, mainly to avoid contact with hot water.
Try to avoid letting Tridacna should be exposed to sunlight for a long time, as prolonged exposure may cause the color of the crystal to fade.
In addition, if you often wear Strawberry Quartz during the day, you should take it off at night to give the crystal enough rest.

Purification method

Like other crystals, it can also be purified with White Crystal Cluster or Shining Diamond .

Note : We do not recommend using salt water or gravel for decontamination.

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