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What is morganite?

Morganite, this name comes from the famous gem connoisseur JP Morgan. It is a member of the same beryl family as aquamarine and shares similar mineral properties. Morganite’s attractive pink hue is due to the presence of manganese. In addition, morganite often contains trace elements of the rare metals cesium and rubidium, which increases its density and refractive index. Since morganite and aquamarine have similar mineral properties and complementary colors, bracelets on the market often combine the two for sale.

Morganite: the secret weapon for increasing popularity

Morganite, with its gentle pink luster, helps make it easier to establish new relationships. Many customers who wear morganite have shared their interpersonal gains, such as colleagues who have never communicated with you suddenly showing a friendly attitude, or someone at a party who will take the initiative to talk to you. Morganite has the property of making people more popular, but this attraction does not attract excessive attention or pursuit from others. People feel that morganite makes those around them more kind to them, but this does not involve romantic attraction. Therefore, morganite is particularly suitable for people who need to have frequent contact with customers or who want to maintain good relationships with colleagues.


Morganite is the same as ordinary crystals. Hot water or too hot environment may cause damage to the crystal. So you can just remove it when you take a bath. The main thing is to avoid contact with hot water.
In addition, if you wear it during the day, take it off at night and let it rest .

Purification method

Like other crystals, it can also be purified with White Crystal Cluster or Shining Diamond .
Note : We do not recommend using salt water or gravel for decontamination.

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