Collection: Sun Stone

Sunstone (hardness 6-6.5) is a type of sunstone. Because the crystal contains reddish-brown flaky minerals such as hematite and goethite, it reflects light and produces a dazzling golden flash. "Place gold effect".

The effect of sun stone

The Sun Stone is partial to wealth, which can enhance self-confidence and a firm stand, strengthen people's rationality, and bring about logic, organization, calculation, memory, and reasoning abilities, which is helpful for reading, reciting, exams, office work, investment and financial management, etc. Wearing a sun stone can give you the positive energy and vitality of the sun. Sunstone can strengthen physical strength and enhance self-confidence. When you are in a bad mood, you can wear a sun stone to meditate, which can make you happy and cheerful again.

Sunstone and health

In terms of health, sunstone can improve gastrointestinal problems. It has strong radioactive energy and can be used to ward off evil spirits and block the invasion of external negative energy.

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